Models equipment BMW 5 Series Sedan 540i Sedan G30 Bluestone metallic three-quarter front view



The BMW 5 Series Sedan confidently combines athleticism with innovative versatility. This is precisely why a large selection of optional equipment from the categories of functionality, driving dynamics, driver assistance and connectivity is available to offer optimum sporty individuality.

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Sport Line BMW 5 Series Sedan 540i Sedan G30 Alpine White metallic


Luxury Line BMW 5 Series Sedan 540d Sedan G30 Imperial Blue Brilliant Effect metallic


M Sport package BMW 5 Series Sedan 540i Sedan G30 Mediterranean Blue metallic


Heroically dynamic.

Where dynamics are concerned, the BMW 5 Series shifts the boundaries. Powerful engines impressively transmit its sporty exterior to the road. Yet apart from power, the BMW 5 Series is not only able to offer power but also brains. This is because the progressive technologies of tomorrow which enable it to exploit its dynamics to the full make it a true hero.
Integral Active Steering BMW 5 Series Sedan 540i Sedan G30 Bluestone metallic three-quarter rear view

Integral Active Steering.

Integral Active Steering combines steering for the rear wheels with support that varies based on the steering angle on the front axle. At speeds of up to around 60 km/h, the rear wheels turn opposite the front wheels. This minimizes the effort required for steering, resulting in comfortable responsiveness while manoeuvring, and it reduces the turning radius and improves the agility of the vehicle.
Driving Experience Control BMW 5 Series Sedan 540i Sedan G30 Bluestone metallic interior

Driving Experience Control with Adaptive Mode.

The Driving Experience Control offers the driver the choice between the standard COMFORT mode, ECO PRO Mode, geared towards efficiency, and SPORT mode, which enables even more dynamic driving. The new interactive Adaptive Mode function continuously adjusts the adaptive suspension, the steering and the Steptronic transmission to suit the current driving situation.
Active air stream kidney grille BMW 5 Series Sedan 540i Sedan G30 Bluestone metallic close-up front

Active air stream kidney grille.

The Active air stream kidney grille represents the cutting edge of aerodynamic performance. When a cooling airflow is not needed, it electronically closes the radiator grille with its air vents and thereby reduces the amount of air flowing into the engine bay. This optimises both the aerodynamics and consumption rates.
Intelligent lightweight construction BMW 5 Series Sedan540i Sedan G30 Bluestone metallic three-quarter front view

Intelligent lightweight construction.

BMW EfficientLightweight stands for intelligent lightweight construction that contributes significantly to increased driving dynamics and efficiency. Weight reduction is the basis for the best driving dynamics and exemplary efficiency. Weight-optimised materials such as high-tensile steel, aluminium and magnesium are utilised when constructing various components.
Mild hybrid technology BMW 5 Series Sedan G30 chassis

Mild hybrid technology*.

The mild hybrid technology* serves to recuperate the kinetic energy during braking and supports the combustion engine during acceleration. This reduces fuel consumption and emissions while giving you a dynamic advantage. The mild hybrid technology also makes the Automatic Start/Stop function much faster and much more comfortable. *currently available for BMW 520d and BMW 520d xDrive Sedan.


Fully exploiting potential.

Triumphing in every situation calls for one thing above all: first-class equipment. The countless digital services and driver assistance systems of the BMW 5 Series guarantee seamless connectivity with the outside world while their intuitive operation ensures maximum comfort and safety with maximum productivity.
Connectivity BMW 5 Series Sedan 540i Sedan G30 Bluestone metallic detail view cockpit
Telephony with wireless charging BMW 5 Series Sedan 540i Sedan G30 Bluestone metallic

Telephony with wireless charging.

Telephony with wireless charging includes a wireless charging dock and additional USB ports. A roof aerial connection improves mobile reception. Two mobile telephones and an audio player can be connected simultaneously via Bluetooth. Also included are: Bluetooth Office and the technical capacity for a WiFi hotspot.
Preparation for Apple CarPlay® BMW 5 Series Sedan 540i Sedan G30 Bluestone metallic

Preparation for Apple CarPlay®.

Why go without the features of your iPhone in your BMW when you can continue operating it as usual? The preparation for Apple CarPlay® gives you remote access to telephony as well as apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, TuneIn, Spotify and Apple Music. You can also use the voice button on the steering wheel to access Siri, Apple’s voice assistant.
Wi-Fi Hotspot BMW 5 Series Sedan 540i Sedan G30 Bluestone metallic

Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Take part in video conference calls on your tablet or stream the final episode of your favourite series on your smartphone. The Wi-Fi Hotspot is a way to go online with LTE speed (if available) using the SIM card installed in your vehicle. You and your fellow passengers can surf the Web on up to ten devices.
On-Street Parking Information BMW 5 Series Sedan 540i Sedan G30 Bluestone metallic

On-Street Parking Information.

Where is the nearest available parking space? Instead of searching for a long time, use On-Street Parking Information to get help finding an on-street parking space faster. Potential spaces are shown in shades of blue on the navigation map. Recently vacated spaces are marked with a P.
Microsoft Office 365 BMW 5 Series Sedan 540i Sedan G30 Bluestone metallic

Microsoft Office 365.

Work in your car as if you were in your office with Microsoft Office 365. Dictate emails, take part in Skype for Business meetings, manage contacts and meetings and create tasks and reminders. All directly via your smartphone and with your natural voice. You can get started straight away with your existing Microsoft Office 365 Business account.
BMW Individual BMW 5 Series Sedan G30 Rhodonite Silver metallic side view
BMW Individual BMW 5 Series Sedan G30 Rhodonite Silver rim
BMW Individual BMW 5 Series Sedan G30 Rhodonite Silver entry sill
BMW Individual BMW 5 Series Sedan G30 Rhodonite Silver upholstery
BMW Individual BMW 5 Series Sedan G30 Rhodonite Silver cockpit


The BMW Individual Collection offers a wide range of equipment options for discerning customers: Fine wood trims with perfect grain, selected from all over the world. Immaculate and enticingly soft leather from the world’s best tanneries. Paint finishes which fascinate in terms of brilliance, luminosity and effect. Offered in a range of hues which define the spirit of time rather than following it. All these elements combine to make your BMW become part of your personality.

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