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Which financial products does BMW offer you? What is the difference between leasing, loans, and BMW Select? And which is the right model for me? Here you will find all of the most important basic information.

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  • Lease, loan or Select – what are the main differences?

    If you choose to finance your vehicle by means of a loan, then the vehicle will belong to you once the loan agreement has come to an end.
    BMW Financial Services offers you various different kinds of contract so that you can finance your vehicle the way you want. You can choose the down payment , term and monthly instalment level that suit you. With a leasing contract , you enjoy particularly low monthly instalments, paying only for the value the vehicle loses over the course of the contract’s term .
    Once the agreement has come to an end, you can begin leasing a new vehicle . With residual value and Select leasing, you can also purchase the leased vehicle at a defined residual value .
    If you choose BMW Select, then you are choosing the best of both worlds – leasing and loans. For relatively low instalments similar to those of leasing, you are given the option of buying the vehicle at the end of the agreement.

  • What are the advantages of financing my vehicle through BMW Financial Services?

    As a customer of BMW Financial Services , you benefit from the fact that the products on offer are tailored to your particular vehicle and your financing wishes. Because the vehicle and the finance come from a single source, you will be advised correctly and you will save yourself time and trouble.
    With our excellent prices and the user-friendly terms and conditions offered by BMW Financial Services , you can be sure that you are in good hands.

  • Is leasing worthwhile for private individuals as well as companies?

    Yes, as a private leasing customer you pay only for what you use – and there are other benefits too:
    Protect your liquidity
    No marketing risk
    Insurance: if your vehicle is stolen or written off and you are leasing from BMW Financial Services , then the insurance will cover the difference between the vehicle’s book value (redemption value ) and market value (replacement value ).
    Tax benefits: VAT is paid only on your leasing instalments and any special lease payments you have to make, but not on the whole vehicle price.
    Leasing also means you can always drive the latest vehicle.

  • Why do I have to undergo a credit check?

    Credit checks are normal banking practice and are commonplace when applying for loans and leases.
    By checking your credit rating , BMW Financial Services is fulfilling its duty of diligence and protecting customers against over-indebtedness. All that is required for the identity check is a copy of your identity document.

  • Wouldn’t I be better advised to take out a loan from my own bank and then go to BMW as a cash buyer?

    No. First of all, BMW Financial Services offers you extremely good rates. Secondly, with loan agreements like BMW Select you can give back the vehicle to BMW Financial Services once the contract has come to an end, something you will not be able to do if you go through your own bank.
    Comparisons have shown that BMW Financial Services customers really do enjoy better value than they would from conventional bank financing. And another thing: you will enjoy the convenience of talking to just one person about your vehicle and your Financial Services .

  • What do the monthly instalments actually depend on?

    With a conventional loan, your monthly instalments depend on your down payment , the term of the contract, and the effective annual interest rate. If you choose a BMW Select loan, then the final instalment you have agreed on will also affect your monthly outlay. Leasing instalments are determined by the prepayment, deposit , term of agreement, and mileage , as well as the residual value .

  • Isn’t a lease prepayment money thrown away?

    No, your prepayment reduces your monthly instalments. For many lease customers this one-off payment is the right way of keeping their monthly outlay as low as possible over the term of the lease.

  • As a BMW Select or lease customer, what are the options open to me at the end of the agreement?

    There are three possibilities open to you as a BMW Select customer at the end of the agreement:
    Pay the final instalment and keep the vehicle
    Continue to finance the vehicle by means of comfortable instalments
    Give the vehicle back (buy-back guarantee)

  • What exactly is the difference between BMW Select and a BMW target instalment loan?

    With a BMW target instalment loan, you have two options at the end of the agreement: pay the target instalment or select follow-on finance.
    With BMW Select there is a third option: you can give the vehicle back to BMW Financial Services . As a BMW Select customer, buy-back is guaranteed at the dealership.

  • What are the factors influencing the calculated residual value when leasing?

    The calculated residual value depends on the term of the contract, the annual mileage , the level of vehicle usage, and the model you select.

  • A contract is a contract – will my hands be tied until it comes to an end, or can I terminate my loan or lease contract earlier?

    At BMW Financial Services you always remain flexible in every respect. As a leasing customer, for instance, you can switch to a new vehicle during the term of the agreement, provided the economic factors add up.
    As a loan customer (BMW Select, BMW target instalment loan or BMW instalment loan), you can shorten or lengthen the term of the agreement (change of instalment plan), or you can terminate the loan early, provided you give sufficient notice.

  • What kind of security does residual debt insurance provide me with?

    Residual debt insurance is specially tailored to the financial product concerned, and is therefore comparatively very cheap. If the debtor falls ill, then it covers any instalments due until full recovery, or until the financing agreement has been paid up in full. Should the debtor die, then any outstanding instalments will be paid off by the residual debt insurance.

  • What contract terms are available for loans and leasing, and can I use these methods to finance used vehicles?

    You can lease or finance any new BMW vehicle. The term of the agreement will depend on the model and the type of finance, and will range between 12 and 60 months. You can finance any used vehicle sold by your BMW dealership via MINI Financial Services .

  • What is the effective annual interest rate made up of when financing through BMW Financial Services?

    The effective annual interest rate when financing is calculated by combining the nominal interest on the loan with the administrative fees. It represents the actual expense (in percent) of the loan for a year.
    This information is not legally binding; the terms and conditions of your particular agreement apply, subject to errors.

  • How do I organise a finance or leasing contract at my dealership? Which personal documents do I need, and what are the conditions?

    Once you have chosen your vehicle and the way in which you want to finance it, you can conclude an agreement with your BMW Partner. All you will need for your credit check is an identity document with a photograph, and a current wage or salary slip (no older than three months). A decision will usually be reached about the credit rating of a private customer within half a day, after which you will be able to sign the agreement.

  • When will the monthly payments be deducted from my account?

    Monthly instalments for leasing and loan agreements are always due on the first of each month.

  • What happens if my bank rejects a direct debit request?

    If our monthly direct debit request is rejected by your bank, we will inform you in writing. To clarify the circumstances of this, please contact your consultant at BMW Financial Services .

  • My bank details have changed. How can I tell you about my new details?

    Please inform us of your new bank details as soon as possible by letter or fax so that we continue to receive your monthly payments. You will find our contact details on your agreement documents. You can also contact us directly using the form on the Contact page.

  • The mileage agreed on in my contract is too low. How can I adjust it?

    If the mileage that was originally estimated has risen, please contact your consultant at BMW Financial Services so that your agreement can be recalculated.

  • My personal details have changed. How and where can I tell you about them?

    Please tell us your new personal details straight away by letter or fax so that you can continue to use our services without interruption. You will find our contact details on your agreement documents. You can also write to us directly using the form on the Contact page.

  • What happens at the end of my leasing or finance agreement?

    If you have chosen an instalment loan, then the vehicle will belong to you once you have paid the final finance instalment at the end of the agreement’s term . With BMW Select and BMW Select leasing, you can decide at the end of the agreement whether you would like to dissolve the loan or leasing contract and take possession of the vehicle, or whether you would like to continue to finance the target instalment or residual value in a way which is comfortable to you. You can also return the vehicle to your dealership, and enter into an agreement for a new BMW.

  • What does “contractually agreed vehicle condition” mean when it comes to returning the vehicle at the end of a Select loan or Select leasing agreement?

    The vehicle must show the agreed mileage and be free of damage. For more detailed information please refer to our general terms and conditions.

  • What happens if my vehicle is not in the contractually agreed condition?

    If the vehicle you give back is damaged over and above normal wear and tear, then you will be invoiced for the repair of this damage. For more information please refer to our general terms and conditions. If the overall mileage you have driven exceeds the maximum mileage defined in your agreement, then you will be charged a fee which was laid down when you concluded the agreement. At the moment you can exceed the agreed mileage by 2,500 km without incurring any extra cost. If you have driven less than contractually estimated, you will receive a credit note. Please note that this information is not legally binding. The rules laid down in your loan or leasing contract apply, subject to errors.

  • Are there any additional services available with my lease or loan agreement?

    You can include other services with your leasing or loan contract, such as BMW vehicle insurance or BMW personal insurance. What is especially convenient about that is that you can pay for these services in monthly instalments. This gives you clarity about the overall cost of your BMW. Please note that this information is not legally binding. The rules laid down in your loan or leasing contract apply, subject to errors.

  • What are the additional services available with my lease or loan agreement?

    You can choose from a series of services to go with your agreement – including vehicle maintenance , repairs, and new tyres.

  • What additional BMW insurance products can I add to my lease or loan agreement?

    You can choose from a series of insurance products for your agreement. These include BMW vehicle insurance with liability and fully comprehensive insurance, BMW personal insurance, and BMW residual debt insurance.

  • What are the benefits of BMW residual debt insurance, and what does it cover?

    BMW residual debt insurance is a particularly safe way of financing your vehicle. Residual debt insurance will cover the monthly instalments on your BMW should you become unable to work for reasons of health. If you die, it will cover all of the instalments not yet paid.

  • What are the advantages of BMW vehicle insurance? What services does this package include?

    BMW vehicle insurance offers comprehensive cover for every eventuality. In the event of damage, fully comprehensive insurance from BMW Financial Services covers the full redemption value of the vehicle including finance expenses. This means you will not have to carry any unnecessary financial burdens.