Trust in the special quality of Original BMW wheels and tyres.


Trust in the special quality of Original BMW wheels and tyres.

MAXIMUM GRIP, MAXIMUM DRIVING PLEASURE.Trust in the special quality of Original BMW wheels and tyres.

No other piece of equipment has such a great impact on handling and safety as the tyres. You can recognise the high-quality tyres from BMW by the Star marking. They are developed in close cooperation with leading tyre manufacturers (e.g. Bridgestone, Continental and Pirelli) and are adapted to the chassis of your BMW for each specific model. Original BMW Tyres with Star marking allow you to experience maximum driving pleasure. Here you can also find out everything you need to know about the innovative runflat technology and the tyre pressure control system (RDC).

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Showcase the individual character of your BMW with the Original BMW Complete Wheel Sets. The dynamic design of our wheels is implemented with maximum precision and in line with the latest production technologies to optimise weight. All Original BMW Complete Wheel Sets do of course include star-marked premium tyres and are available as a runflat version.

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Attention to detail: BMW Summer Complete Wheel Sets offer a sophisticated design, unbeatable stability and ideal running properties. The wheel and tyre combinations are precisely tailored to suit the overall concept of your BMW and guarantee the optimum interplay between all chassis components.

As of March 2014, all new BMW automobiles have been fitted with a tyre pressure control system (RDC) – for maximum safety and unlimited summer driving pleasure.


Perfect tyres provide the basis for an optimally equipped vehicle. Opting for BMW Tyres with star marking ensures that you will be accompanied by that pleasant feeling of having a product that matches your BMW through and through. To obtain the star, the tyres have to undergo a comprehensive test regime. This complies with the most stringent BMW standards and examines all the quality criteria important for the tyres.


Original BMW Tyres with Star marking are individually adapted to the control systems of your vehicle and guarantee the typical BMW sporting character. In addition to this, you can rely on the best figures in terms of braking distance on both wet and dry roads.
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We want you to be able to enjoy the driving dynamics of your BMW without restrictions. Thanks to Ultra High Performance, Original BMW Tyres offer maximum grip and support precise steering even at high speeds and with a sporty driving style.
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Original BMW Tyres with Star marking are developed in collaboration with leading tyre manufacturers. Factors taken into consideration also include minimising noise emissions inside the vehicle and the roll characteristics of the tyres. After all, you should not only reach your destination safely but comfortably as well.
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Wear & tear

Original BMW Tyres are especially durable. Specially reinforced sidewalls (runflat technology) mean that they offer even more safety than conventional tyres. This is because even if they suffer a gradual or complete loss of pressure, they are still able to cover up to 80 kilometres at a speed of 80 – an invaluable advantage when the worst comes to the worst.
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Original BMW Tyres with Star marking are optimised in terms of the roll resistance and help you to save fuel.
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The BMW Star marking stands for supreme quality, and we give you our guarantee of this. All Original BMW Complete Wheel Sets and tyres with Star marking that you purchase from a BMW Service Partner are subject to the free-of-charge BMW Tyre Insurance warranty. It is valid for 36 months from the date of purchase and offers you optimum protection with up to 100% reimbursement of costs.

  • Coverage

    The BMW Tyre Insurance offers comprehensive protection against:

    • damage caused by pointed objects like nails or glass shards
    • damage caused by hitting the kerb
    • vandalism
    • theft
  • Damage compensation

    With the BMW Tyre Insurance warranty, up to 100% of your tyre costs will be reimbursed in the event of damage.*

    * Excluding mounting.

    You will find all the provisions relating to the BMW Tyre Insurance warranty here – or you can also ask your BMW Service Partner.

    1st year 100%
    2nd year 75%
    3rd year 50%


Original BMW Tyres with Star marking are available with runflat technology. So you can drive on the safe side: Original BMW Tyres with runflat technology keep you mobile even if all tyre pressure is lost, allowing you to travel up to 80 km (at a speed of up to 80 km/h) to the nearest workshop – for more safety and maximum comfort.

BMW Tyres with runflat.

Discover the benefits in a film.

Optimal manoeuvrability.

Thank to specially-reinforced sides, runflat tyres ensure that the vehicle remains fully manoeuvrable and can still travel for approx. 80 km (at a maximum speed of 80 km/h) even if all tyre pressure is lost. This greatly reduces the danger of the vehicle swerving if a tyre bursts when travelling at high speed.
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Highest safety.

Original BMW Tyres with runflat technology strongly lowers the safety risk in the event of a flat tyre: instead of putting yourself in danger by changing the tyres by the side of the road, you can drive safely and comfortable on for approx. 80 km (at a maximum speed of 80 km/h) to the next workshop.
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Less fuel.

In addition to their runflat properties, Original BMW Tyres with runflat technology decrease total vehicle weight as you no longer need a spare wheel or Mobility Set. This saves fuel and helps lower CO2 emissions. Original BMW Tyres with runflat technology are thus an integral part of the BMW EfficientDynamics measures.
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More storage space.

With Original BMW Tyres with runflat technology you no longer need a spare wheel or Mobility Set. This saves volume in the boot and gives you more room for other items, like BMW Car Care products or luggage.
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Constant control.

For several years now, all BMW vehicles have been fitted with a Tyre Defect Indicator (TDI) as standard. This allows the driver to monitor tyre pressure during the journey. From 2014, BMW will be introducing an active tyre pressure control system that displays the exact tyre pressure. This vastly increases comfort and safety. The correct air pressure guarantees minimal fuel consumption and reduces CO2 emissions.
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The tyre pressure control system (RDC) electronically monitors the tyre pressure for all four wheels by means of sensors. Depending on model and equipment, the tyre pressure indicator enables current tyre pressure to be monitored in the Control Display or instrument panel. Selected BMW automobiles have been fitted with this system as of March 2014. Please contact your authorised BMW Service Centre for more information.


More safety.

The right tyre pressure reduces the risk of tyre damage, thereby increasing safety. Only at the correct pressure does the tyre provide the optimum contact surface on the road, offering excellent performance for a sporty driving style as well as for evasive or braking manoeuvres.
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Early warning system.

If the tyre pressure control system measures a critical deviation in pressure (20% below target or below the minimum pressure of 1.7 bar), it notifies the driver early on of the potential risk by means of a warning signal, as well as providing feedback on the tyre in question via the Control Display or the multifunction instrument display.
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Increased efficiency.

The tyre pressure control system makes for long-term economy: since tyres at the correct pressure generate less rolling resistance, this has a positive impact on fuel consumption. What is more, correct tyre pressure prevents irregular wear and tear, thereby extending the tyre's service life.
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Original BMW Wheels with RDC sensors.

BMW offers all complete wheel sets including wheels with star marking and fitted with RDC sensors. Your BMW Service Partner will be glad to advise as to whether your automobile is fitted with a tyre pressure control system and which tyres best meet your requirements. In the event of a change of tyres, our experts ensure the tyre pressure control system remains in perfect working order, setting the correct tyre pressure and programming the RDC system accordingly.
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Important advises.

  • New tyres with RDC sensor

    If you drive a new vehicle with a tyre pressure control system, make sure that any new tyres you buy are fitted with an RDC sensor.

  • Tyre pressure warning when an emergency spare wheel is mounted

    Emergency wheels are not fitted with sensors. If an emergency wheel is fitted after a drop in pressure, the warning remains in place until a new wheel is mounted that is fitted with a new sensor as required.

  • Tyre pressure warning due to differences in temperature

    Tyre pressure depends on the temperature of the tyre. If the temperature of the tyre increases, e.g. when driving or due to sunlight exposure, tyre pressure increases, too. A reduction in pressure can occur when the temperature of the tyre drops. In the case of severe reductions in temperature, this can result in a warning being issued due to the set warning limits. For this reason, tyre pressure should be checked at regular intervals at ambient temperature ("cold tyres").

  • No warning in case of sudden tyre damage

    The system cannot give previous indication of sudden tyre damage caused by external impact.

Wheels and tyres


No other Original BMW Accessory Product makes it simpler for you to add a personal touch to your BMW than Original BMW Light Alloy Wheels and Tyres.

Sophisticated design. Optimum performance. When it comes to your wheels, you no longer have to choose between form and function. Exclusively built to the exact specifications of your vehicle, Original BMW Light Alloy Wheels & Tyres remain true to the character of your BMW in every way.

For sheer driving pleasure from the ground up, no other wheels would do.


Wheels design


Every wheel is matched to a BMW in every way.

A light alloy wheel makes a crucial contribution to the appearance of a vehicle. This is why every wheel is simultaneously designed with a new BMW model to create dynamic-looking wheels that reflect the distinctive style of the vehicle.

Cast or forged with aluminum, Original BMW Light Alloy Wheels & Tyres are designed beyond styling. These low-weight wheels are specifically built to reduce unsprung masses, and with the suspension, compensate for road bumps while improving responses in driving and braking.

They also offer functional advantages such as:

• High quality and durability
• Perfect true running accuracy
• High level of thermal conductivity
• Reduced weight
• Optimum ventilation of the brake system


Stars making


Original BMW Tyres With Star Marking.

The running surface of a tyre that makes contact with the road is barely larger than an open hand. This leaves little space for brake force, engine power, and driving dynamics.

Original BMW Tyres are subjected to comprehensive testing that covers all relevant requirements in driving dynamics, safety, durability, and comfort. Tyres that achieve 100% on these tests, provide characteristic BMW handling, and offer perfect synergy with the vehicle, are awarded BMW’s proprietary gold standard, the star marking.

Your advantage: optimally adapted.






Runflat tyres


Perfectly fitting tyres to meet the highest standards.

Run-Flat Technology reinforces side walls of the tyres so the vehicle can be manoeuvred, even in the event of complete pressure loss. This dramatically minimises the safety risks of a flat tyre and enables travel of approximately 80km at 80km/h to the nearest workshop.

Your advantage: increased safety and comfort.









Original BMW Complete Wheels tested according to the highest quality standards.


Original BMW Light Alloy Wheels & Tyres have to demonstrate their particular suitability in extensive test.
1. Salt Water Spray Test
Every wheel is exposed to an aggressive salt water spray mist for hours. This tests its corrosion resistance, which can then be optimised, if required.
2. X-Ray Test
After production, the material structure of a wheel is tested to the smallest detail by x-ray to ensure the absence of gas bubbles.
3. Leak Test
A wheel is placed in a water bath at increased tyre pressure. No air is allowed to escape.
4. Torsional Strength
A special test bench is used to simulate the strain applied to a wheel at bends. This guarantees maximum safety, even in extreme driving conditions.
5. Practical Testing at Nϋrburging
The ultimate test is conducted at Nordschleife, Nürburgring, where the designation of “Nordschleife-tested” is the absolute seal of quality. Original BMW Light Alloy Wheels & Tyres have to pass an uncompromising test on this racetrack before being certified an Original BMW Accessory Product.